Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gaza university closes in protest of Hamas

Al Azhar University in Gaza announced it is suspending classes on Wednesday, in reaction to Hamas actions that occurred on campus.

Contrary to university policy, Hamas supporters and members "stormed" the university and placed Hamas flags on walls and gates. Since the Hamas coup, the university has banned political activities to minimize the friction between students who support different factions.

The university's statement said "While our students prepare for final exams for the first semester of 2009/2010, the university is attempting to provide an appropriate learning atmosphere that helps students achieve their goals and build their future, and to distance them from any activities that may create confusion for the educational process. Members of the Islamic bloc at the university insist on actions that emphasize problems and differences between students through their insistence on political festivals that raise sensitivity among the student blocs, and pit them against each other. We are trying as much as possible to avoid these provocations."

(I took slight liberties in interpreting the autotranslation but this appears correct.)