Friday, November 13, 2009

Top ten reasons to dress as a woman in Saudi Arabia

From Arab News:
Police in this northern city arrested an academic of Arab nationality working in an engineering college for hiding under an abaya, making people think he was really a “she.” According to a recent report in Asharq Al-Awsat, the cross-dressing professor was caught because despite being covered from head to toe he didn’t manage to replicate a woman’s “demeanor,” according to a Saudi shopper who informed the authorities of this clandestine man. Police are unsure of the motive for the professor’s disguise.
Top ten reasons a man might want to dress as a woman in Saudi Arabia:

10. Sheer jealousy at how well Saudi women are treated
9. Wants to hang out at the mall
8. Wanting to catch a glimpse of some serious ankle in the rest room
7. Hoping to get picked up by a handsome man
6. Those abayas are just so cute!
5. Hates driving
4. Embarrassed while practicing ululating
3. Undercover Muttawa agent
2. Wants to sweet talk professors into getting a higher grade
1. Really bad case of acne