Monday, November 09, 2009

Today's blackmail threat by the PA

The passive voice is wonderful for making threats:
The Palestinian Authority on Monday warned that violence could once again convulse the region if the United States fails to get Israel to halt settlements as part of a resumed peace process.

“If America remains unable to assume its required role there will be a destructive effect for which Israel and the United States will be held responsible,” presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina told AFP.

Violence will rush in to fill the void left by the failure of efforts to relaunch the peace process if the US administration does not hurry up and exert pressure on the Israeli government,” he added.

Violence will erupt! Just like a volcano, it will be a natural phenomenon, one that mere people are powerless to stop - unless you do what they demand.

No, Rudeina cannot say that Palestinian Arabs will accelerate terror attacks against Jewish civilians because of incitement - like he just demonstrated. If he would use the T word that may make Westerners think that perhaps human beings are responsible for their own actions. That cannot be. PalArabs have no responsibility for their actions. Their rage is normal and accepted, and must be managed by the frightened West doing their bidding before they turn into an army of mini-Incredible Hulks. You can't blame them if they decide to put on a bomb belt and blow up an ice cream shop or a cafe. They have no control over their emotions, no free will to stop terror, no ability to think and reason like normal human beings. The only people who can act rationally are Westerners - Arabs will just rush to fill the void with violence. If you accept the words of the PA presidential spokesman.

In fact, if you try to treat them like normal people - if you ask them to compromise, to work towards a win-win scenario, to come up with reasonable proposals that wouldn't place certain other parties in mortal danger - that might just be enough to set them off. So don't ask them to take responsibility or act like sane adults, because that just ticks them off. Just do what they say, and everything will be OK.

Until their next list of demands.