Monday, November 09, 2009

Saudi Vice, episode 30: That old black magic

From the Saudi Gazette:
After a two-year trial, a Madina court sentenced a Lebanese man, 47, to death Monday for practicing black magic.

The court held 10 hearing sessions to review the list of charges presented by the general prosecutor including using black magic, fraud, and breaking up marriages, which the man admitted.

The man, who had appeared on satellite channels practicing black magic, was caught red-handed in a hotel room in the Central Area in Madina two years ago with herbs, talismans, and some papers with strange drawings and writings.

The man has the right to appeal the sentence within 33 days. The Court of Cassations will review the sentence for approval.
I couldn't find anything in amnesty International about this specific type of sentence in Saudi Arabia, although it does mention
Saudi Arabian judges have wide discretion and can hand down death sentences for vaguely-worded and non-violent offences. Some migrant workers are reported to have even been unaware that they had been sentenced to death until the very morning of their execution.
See how efficient the Muttawa is? Too bad their Facebook page isn't more popular. Could be because they censor anyone who insults them (the heckler I mentioned this morning has disappeared from their Facebook wall.)

Lance Burton, stay out of the Middle East!