Saturday, November 07, 2009

Obama's Rabin speech justifies terror

Am I the only person who finds this sentence outrageous?
Remarking on Rabin's quest for peace during his life, U.S. President Barack Obama said in a video message that "Israelis will not find true security while the Palestinians are gripped by hopelessness and despair."
No one is saying that anyone should live in "hopelessness and despair" but the clear implication is that as long as Palestinian Arabs are pissed off, Israelis need to watch their backs.

People are responsible for their own happiness. Like it or not, not everyone gets everything they want. Plenty of Jews have very good reasons to want to gain back control of biblical Judea and Samaria and are frustrated that they cannot do that - but can anyone imagine Obama saying that as long as Jews are "frustrated and angered" by their inability to freely visit, say, Joseph's Tomb or the Temple Mount, that Palestinian Arabs will never have security?

Or would Obama say that US citizens cannot find true security while native Americans live in squalor and despair, or that Turks cannot find security while Armenians are stateless?

This is liberalism run amok, where the for one's happiness is found not from within but is rather the responsibility of the Western world. Where personal responsibility simply doesn't exist, and where terror is justifiable.

It is an attitude like this that gives cover to terrorists and their apologists, as they play on this insane thought process and use it as ammunition to blackmail the West into giving in to their ever-increasing demands. I have not seen the entire speech and perhaps there was a context there, but the fact that the leader of the free world said that sentence is incredibly frightening.

And that one sentence is already being quoted in the headlines of the Palestinian Arabic media.