Thursday, November 12, 2009

Israeli Arabs trying to take tabbouleh record from Lebanon

Last month, Lebanon made a big deal over the fact that it had broken the world records for the largest tabbouleh dish and the largest hummus plate. It particularly wanted to break these records because the previous hummus record was done in Israel, and Lebanon considers these to be particularly Lebanese dishes.

The Lebanese tabbouleh record might be short-lived.

Firas Press reports that starting this Friday, the northern Israeli Arab town of Shefa Amr, will have dozens of volunteers working to create a tabbouleh dish five meters in circumference and weighing over 4000 kg.

I've never seen the Lebanese complain about Jordanian or Syrian or Egyptian hummus, only Israeli. So it will be interesting to see if Lebanon will be as upset when the record for one of its claimed dishes is broken by Israeli Arabs as it was when the hummus record was broken by Israeli Jews.