Monday, November 16, 2009

Guess who is building a wall now?

From AKNews (h/t sshender):

A senior Kurdish official confirms Iran’s start on the building of a wall separating the Islamic Republic with Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, meant to prevent separatists from crossing the mountainous border.

According to the official, the Iranians already started with building the wall. “The Iranian government has already built more than 5 km of the wall, near the Iraqi-Kurdish border town of Haji Omaran, in Erbil Province,” reveals Brigadier General Jabbar Yawar, the Spokesman for the Kurdistan Guards (Peshmarga) Command, to Kurdistan News Agency (AKnews).

Earlier this week, the Arabic Al-Arabiya website reported that Iran is planning to build a wall on its lands alongside the Kurdish Region of Iraq, extending 506 km.

Iran has been concentrating on building a concrete wall on its border with Iraqi Kurdistan for a long time. The wall is aimed at controlling its borders, as well as preventing the infiltration and cross-border attacks from the The Party of Free Life of Iranian Kurdistan (PEJAK) fighters into the country.
Apartheid! Walls are against peace! Artificial separation!

And it is not even a fence, but a real wall. Just like Berlin!