Monday, November 16, 2009

Bill Clinton storms the Temple Mount

From Ma'an:
Former US President Bill Clinton visited the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock on Sunday, sources said.

The visit surprised officials, however, as neither media nor the Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Endowments were informed in advance.

"It seems it was a special visit," said Jerusalem endowments director Azzam Al-Khatib.

Israeli forces suddenly imposed a number of strict security measures, and then half an hour later, Clinton entered from the Moroccan Gate, Al-Khatib added.

The US Consulate opted not to inform officials of the visit ahead of time as they usually do, he said.

A spokeswoman for the consulate told Ma'an that Clinton's visit to Jerusalem was personal and thus not coordinated with the Americans.
When Jews visit the Temple Mount, the Palestinian Arab media routinely regard it as "storming" or "raiding" or even "raping." And the Jews are usually called "extremist settlers."