Friday, November 06, 2009

Arab report: Extremists use sex to recruit suicide bombers

Al Arabiya is presenting an Arabic language TV show about suicide bombers tonight. In the show, they reveal that terrorist leaders explicitly use the lure of sex in Paradise as a means to recruit young men:

An analysis of the content of SMS messages sent by the bombers before they blew themselves up showed that more than 80% of the suicide bombers mention a wish to meet virgins as one of the reasons that compel them to carry out these operations.

[One man interviewed] said they refers to a button that, once pressed and activating the bomb, will come nymphs welcoming him to heaven. While there is another beautiful girl waiting for him that has prepared for him a buffet full of food and drink.

Psychologists say that the content that appears in the tapes clearly reflects on the way in which [terrorists] recruit, selecting young people and placing them in isolation for long periods in the mountains, exposing them to physical training and teaching violent extremist ideas about women, which would aggravate their sexual frustrations, and ultimately promise a legitimate means to unload this repression as a sure way to get them to implement what the organization's leaders tell them without discussion.