Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 Gazans injured...by a Qassam

Palestine Press Agency reports that two Gazans were injured when a Qassam rocket that was aimed at Israel went awry and landed inside a house at the Nuseirat camp.

This is not that rare an event; perhaps 5-10% of rockets fall short in Gaza, and there have been many injuries and fatalities as a result. Last December, in the days before Operation Cast Lead, no fewer than four Qassam rockets caused injuries and deaths in Gaza.

For some reason, PCHR and Goldstone could not find a single case of a fatality in Gaza from Qassam fire during Cast Lead. They also didn't find a single case of death by friendly fire, accidental explosions, "work accidents," tunnel collapses or the like. 100% of Gaza deaths (outside of the Fatah members admitted killed by Hamas) were caused by Israel alone. (Even the number of natural deaths dipped in Gaza during the fighting!)

Amazing how that worked out, isn't it?