Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today's PalArab news (10/29)

Two Gazans were found stabbed to death in Ramallah. One of them was a UNRWA teacher. So far the UN has been silent on the issue.

PA president Mahmoud Abbas reiterated that he is seeking conciliation with Hamas. At the same time he blames Israel for trying to trying to start a religious war over Jerusalem. He's so...so...moderate!

Hamas in Gaza sentenced an alleged "collaborator" to death by firing squad.

Hamas is again considering the creation of an alternative PLO-type organization. They threatened the same thing last January.

Al Jazeera reports that the Goldstone commission was the brainchild of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC.) Who'da thunk it? (h/t Israel Matzav)

Israel intends to send 3000 cattle to Gaza over a ten day period starting next week.

A Gazan who took a detour from his Hajj pilgrimage has been stranded in the Jordan airport for ten days, with both Saudi Arabia and Cairo refusing to allow him in their countries.

And, in the Adventures in Autotranslation department, this anti-Hamas article in Palestine Press Agency features this indecipherable section translated by Google:
Our people have become immune to the lies that the smallest Atntli Palestinian boy sits on the ruins of the destroyed home in Gaza and the expected election promises are of the view vulva vagina coming down heavily on the heads of the leaders and members of Hamas.
There's a mental image I want to erase.

UPDATE: Gaza soccer and politics, from CNN. (h/t Media Backspin tweet)