Thursday, October 15, 2009

Middle East Mickey Mouse Moments

Yesterday, Palestinian Arab prime minister Salim Fayyad said that Palestinian Arabs will not accept a state where they would not have essentially 100% of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and a full military. He referred to a state that doesn't meet these demands as a "Mickey Mouse state."

Also yesterday:
During the session of the UN Security Council devoted to discuss the situation in the Middle East, Al-Malki said the Palestinian Authority was ready to look into violations of human rights and possible war crimes committed by the Palestinians side.

“We take the charges seriously,” he said, “We stress our willingness to abide by the rule of law and affirm our commitment to conduct investigations through local legal mechanisms to handle this important issue.”

De facto government forces in the Gaza Strip [Hamas] have also indicated their willingness to investigate allegations outlined in the Goldstone report, in an effort to ensure the document’s allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Israel during last winter’s war on Gaza are fully investigated.

In fact, Hamas leader Haniyeh said We are for a serious, national effort ahead of dealing with this document and implementing its recommendations.”

Don't you dare refer to these nascent PA and Hamas probes as "Mickey Mouse investigations." I'm sure that they will be done with the utmost concern for legal process, not to mention the human rights of Israeli victims of rocket and other terror attacks.

Why would anyone think otherwise?