Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The latest Hamas martyr wasn't killed by Israel

From Ma'an:
The brother of senior Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri has died in an Egyptian prison as a result of torture, Hamas-affiliated Al-Aqsa television announced on Tuesday.

According to Sami Abu Zuhri, his brother Yousef Hamdan Abu Zuhri died of internal bleeding after being tortured during interrogation by Egyptian security forces.

Abu Zuhri said his brother was held in the Egyptian port city of Al-Arish in April on his way to Cairo from Gaza. Sami claims his brother was subjected to intense torture in an attempt by Egyptian authorities to extract information about Hamas in Gaza.

Egyptian sources said that Yousef was originally detained after he entered Egypt through a smuggling tunnel, and was taken by the security forces to Al-Arish.
Most interesting is that the Al Qassam Brigades website has already set up a (so far incomplete) page adding Abu Zuhri to their list of "martyrs." As far as I can tell, this is the first martyr who was killed by Egypt on that Hamas list.