Sunday, October 04, 2009

Happy PalArab bigamist with Jewish wife?

From Al-Arabiya:

Marriage is complicated enough with just one wife so add to the mix a second and things get even more complicated; but what if one wife is Jewish and the other an Arab, for one Palestinian man this rare marital arrangement is nothing but bliss.

Forty-year-old, Sami Abou-Sebaa says despite the obvious political and religious differences he and his two wives and their children all live in the same house with no problems.

Abou-Sebaa, who sells used clothes and electrical appliances, says everyone likes his Jewish wife, Lenor, who is also his business partner.

The couple own two cars, one with a Palestinian license plate and the other with an Israeli license plate.

“We use the Israeli one to go to Israel and bring the goods we need for our trade,” Lenor told Al Arabiya.

Although Lenor lives peacefully with her husband's Arab wife, she still faces problems with the Palestinian community around her.

“Many are afraid of talking to me although and I am the type that prefers dealing informally with people,” she said.

But in all seriousness both Abou-Sebaa and Leonor insist they will never allow their children to join the Israeli army.

In the future, my children will throw stones at the Israeli occupation forces. Blood ties and the bond with the land are stronger than anything else,” Abou-Sebaa said.
This story might be true - there are unfortunately some Israeli Jewish women with incredibly low self-esteem who would go for such an arrangement.

It is curious, though, that the news story doesn't mention her maiden name, where she is from, or what town they live in. Similarly, why didn't the reporter ask Lenor/Leonor if she agrees with her husband as to the future aspirations of their kids?

Besides the obvious, something here ain't quite kosher.