Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hamas forbids women as motorcycle passengers

Palestine Press Agency reports that Hamas is forbidding (presumably male) motorcyclists from allowing women passengers sitting behind them.

The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip is forbidding motorcyclists from carrying women behind the driver of the bike "based on the requirements of public interest."

The government said, "This decision is to preserve the safety of citizens and the stability of customs and traditions in Palestinian society."

The phenomenon of carrying women and children behind the motorcycle driver has spread in the Gaza Strip recently, as this is a common sight on Egyptian streets.
Clearly, safety is not the reason for this rule, or Hamas would forbid any back-of-seat passengers, not only women. The problem is evidently that the women have to hold on to the male driver, in public, and this is a violation of "customs and traditions in Palestinian society."

The creeping Sharia-zation of Gaza continues....