Wednesday, September 02, 2009

UNRWA defends not teaching Holocaust to PalArabs

We had already seen that the UNRWA denied that they were planning to teach or even mention the Holocaust to students in UNRWA schools in light of Hamas accusations.

Today, UNRWA chief John Ging went further, saying that it would be inappropriate to educate Palestinian Arab children about the Holocaust!

An article in Palestine Today (Arabic) quotes Ging as saying "It is not acceptable that Palestinians student are taught the about the Holocaust at a time when Israel is writing off everything related to Palestine in the school curriculum for Palestinian students in Israel."

He stressed that "there is no intention to integrate materials and topics that are inconsistent with the desire of Palestinian society."

Ging said that not a "single word" about the Holocaust is mentioned in the UNRWA Palestinian Arab curricula. He regretted that UNRWA was being attacked by Arabs at a time when (this is a quote from the article, but not a direct quote from Ging) "the Zionist lobby is trying to persuade the U.S. Congress to adopt a resolution to close the Agency and to liquidate its offices in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian territories."

He was answering questions asked by te leader of a PalArab human rights organization, who was happy that UNRWA wouldn't teach such an awful topic.

How much of a stretch is it to characterize this as saying that the UNRWA has no problem with widespread Holocaust denial among Arabs? After all, it is not like they are being taught about it in schools to begin with....