Tuesday, September 29, 2009

UNHRC meeting members accuse Israel of genocide

The UN Human Rights Council continues its farcical actions as today it considered the Goldstone Report.

In the synopsis of the morning session, two people used the report to accuse Israel of genocide. One was Israel's erstwhile "peace partner." (Notice how the UNHRC already regards "Palestine" as a country:)
Palestine, speaking as a concerned country, said that the report was a professional, unbiased report, and related to facts that could not be denied. This was not a political instrument that supported Palestine or Israel. This report was important because, for the first time, there was monitoring and documentation of the massacres the Palestinian peoples had suffered, indeed were suffering from genocide.
The other was Venezuela:
GERMAN MUNDARAIN HERNANDEZ (Venezuela) thanked the Fact-Finding Mission for the presentation of their report and for the work they had carried out. At the ninth Special Session, Venezuela had already stated its profound indignation over the violations of international humanitarian law that had been carried out by the Israeli army against the civilian population in Gaza. Venezuela believed that the report was a document with scientific rigour and that it was historic. The Mission had shown, once again, the Israeli crimes over the years using Palestinian civilians as military targets. This was genocide.
By the way, if Israel killed 50,000 Gazans a year, their population would still be increasing. Perhaps these esteemed diplomats have no idea of what "genocide" means or, more likely, they just take great pleasure in hurling such accusations at Israel.