Friday, September 25, 2009

Today's PalArab news (9/25/09)

The Al Aqsa Heritage Foundation has put out this week's warnings about Jewish plans to "storm" the Temple Mount, saying that Israeli explosives experts visited the site on Thursday, that Jews are planning to "storm" the Mount on Sunday ahead of Yom Kippur, that 130 have "stormed" it this week, that Jews are having lectures about the Third Temple, and that Jews are praying for the destruction of the "Al-Aqsa" mosque. They claim that this is all on the website of the Temple Mount Faithful movement, although it hasn't been updated in months.

Al Quds reports about a book written last year by Nina Burleigh about people who fake biblical archaeological artifacts in Israel. Al Quds is claiming that this proves that every archaeological find that indicates that there was ever a Temple in Israel is fake. (I wonder who faked the Kotel?)

One more killed in a smuggling tunnel collapse.

86 PalArab kids were injured, some 24 seriously, during 'Eid celebrations by firecrackers and BB guns they received for the holiday.

A conspiracy theorist called Jane Burgermeister has a bunch of theories about how the world's bankers have concocted swine flu in order to get everyone under their control. Although she doesn't say it explicitly, Arab media (starting in Algeria) is interpreting this as proof that Jews are behind the flu pandemic.

In the "well, this was inevitable" department, every birth defect in Gaza over the past nine months is being blamed on Israeli weaponry during Operation Cast Lead.

A Saudi fatwa allows girls to restore their hymens in order to save themselves from possible "honor killings" right after they are married.

(h/t Mustafa)