Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Pro-Gaza activists being harassed - by Egypt

From the Daily News Egypt:
A Palestinian mother of two detained at Cairo Airport has expressed anger and confusion at her treatment.

Manal Timraz, 39, and her two teenage sons were stopped by a member of airport security bodies immediately after they passed through passport control at 1 am on Monday.

Timraz is involved in humanitarian relief work for Gaza, and in May joined a European-organized relief convoy which passed the Rafah crossing from Egypt to Gaza. She also initiated the One Million Candles for Gaza campaign after she lost 15 relatives — including 11 children — in a single Israeli bombardment of the Jabalya refugee camp, Gaza in December 2008.

An article about the campaign was published in national state-run daily Al-Ahram in February 2008.

Timraz’s experience is the third in a series of similar incidents involving individuals stopped at Cairo Airport who have participated in pro-Gaza activity.

In April Laila El-Haddad — who blogs under the name Gazamom — and her two sons were prevented from entering Egypt en route to Gaza and held at the airport for two days.

US citizen Travis Randall, who lives and works in Egypt, was prevented from entering the country earlier this month. Randall was involved in a pro-Gaza march in Egypt in February of this year.

We'll see what kinds of international criticism Egypt receives for harassing Gaza activists.