Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The IDF's miracle weapons!

From Palestine Think Tank:

Malformed Babies Resulting From Israeli Banned Weapons

Since the end of criminal Israeli operation "Cast Lead" in Gaza Strip last January, more than five cases of birth have been registered which show babies who have a deformed and not fully formed heart. These births came as an effect of the use of internationally banned weapons of phosphor and uranium by the Israeli occupation in the middle of populated areas.

I did see these accusations in Arabic as well.

So, at least five Gaza children were born with birth defects in the past nine months? Let's do some math.

According to CIA World Factbook figures, we can estimate some 43,000 children were born in Gaza since January. It appears that in general, 2% of all babies born in Western nations have severe birth defects.

Let's pretend that the normal rate of severe birth defects in Gaza is much lower, say 0.5%. That means that in a normal 9 month period, one could expect 215 babies in Gaza to have severe birth defects. (The real number is probably around 900.)

Since only 6 or 7 babies born in Gaza are claimed to have had these ill-effects, this means that the illegal Israeli chemical and radiological weapons that were unleashed on Gaza ended up reducing the number of deformed babies by an astonishing 97%!

Clearly, the IDF has come up with some miracle weapons that eliminate nearly all severe birth defects!

Quick - call the March of Dimes!