Wednesday, September 09, 2009

How's the Arafat "murder" investigation going?

At the sixth Fatah conference, a committee was set up to investigate Yasir Arafat's "murder."

Yesterday, Fatah leaderAbu Othman mentioned that there is only one thing that is slowing down the investigation: evidence.

Apparently, the poison that they are so convinced killed Arafat is undetectable, so they cannot determine for sure if it killed him via skin contact, or food, or (just guessing here) high-powered Joo-Rays. * This of course makes it difficult to know exactly what killed Arafat, but one thing is certain: Israel killed him to destroy the Palestinian Arab political movement. Which, as you may recall, was riding so high while Arafat was holed up in his compound with an assortment of terrorists he was protecting.

Othman goes on to say that the murderers didn't count on the wonderful leadership abilities of Abu Mazen/Mahmoud Abbas. You know, the guy whose "leadership" consists of "lets sit here and wait until we are given a state on a silver platter."

So the investigation continues, and as long as the lack of evidence is not an impediment, we can be sure to find out the truth of the murder very soon now.

[*I wrote that phrase above remembering accusations of Arabs being killed by nefarious Joo-rays, and I was trying to be as outlandish as possible here, but a search showed that indeed, a PA representative once accused Israel of murdering Arafat in that very manner. Once again, it is difficult to parody Palestinian Arabs when they say things that are more outlandish than any parodist could imagine.]