Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hamas leader brags about weapons smuggling

Palestine Press Agency quotes Khaled Meshal, on a trip to see his buddies in the Sudan, bragging that Hamas still managed to smuggle weapons into Gaza despite the Israeli blockade:
"Despite the siege and closure, harassment, and conspiracies of the East and West to prevent us from getting weapons, we thank God we buy weapons and smuggle arms and make weapons [ourselves]"
It is telling that this is Hamas' priority - smuggling weapons. Not food, not paper, not clothing - but explosives and arms. The fact that their obsession with killing Jews is hurting a million Gazans doesn't bother them at all; on the contrary, it provides the opportunity for their pals in the media to do their part and pretend the tunnels are merely for toys:

Yesterday, a Hamas terrorist was killed, and others injured, in a smuggling tunnel under Rafah on what they called a "jihad mission." That doesn't make the news, only pictures like this one.

This is something the media misses when they talk about Gaza. Hamas is not a government in the sense that they try to protect and serve their people. On the contrary, Hamas is concerned with only two things: staying in power and building a terror infrastructure. To them, Gazans are pawns to be used as needed, and sometimes that means they like to see the people killed for propaganda purposes.