Monday, September 28, 2009

Egyptian editor in trouble for talking to Israeli

More from that model of Israel-Arab peace:

The board of state-owned Al-Ahram Organization referred Al-Ahram’s Democracy Review editor-in-chief Hala Mustafa to the legal affairs department to be questioned over inviting Israeli ambassador Shalhom Cohen to her office.

This comes after the Journalists’ Syndicate also opened an investigation into the same incident, which is seen as violating the general assembly’s ban on any form of cooperation with Israel.

Nearly two weeks ago, Cohen paid a visit to Al-Ahram headquarters, leaving security officials confused since they were not given prior notice.

The ambassador allegedly wanted to discuss a proposal to hold lectures organized by Mustafa’s periodical.

Mustafa hosted him in her office, triggering controversy within the state-owned foundation, with calls to fire her from Al-Ahram and expel her from the syndicate.

Al-Ahram’s board issued four decrees during their last meeting; referring Mustafa to legal affairs, banning any Israeli from entering the organization’s premises, banning any joint studies, meetings and conferences with researchers with Zionist ideas, and distancing Abdel Moneim Saeed’s personal political views from his position as chairman of Al-Ahram’s board.

Saeed is known for being an advocate of normalization with Israel, meeting with officials and traveled to the country, according to Ahmed El-Naggar, member of Al-Ahram’s board of directors.

An Al-Quds article relates Al-Ahram's ban on Israelis as a direct reaction by Egypt blaming Zionists and Jews for Farouk Hosny's failure to become UNESCO's director.