Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Arab-Israeli doctor: Swine flu a scam, use natural cures

Al Arabiya (Arabic) has a lengthy article interviewing Professor Hany Younis of 'Ara, where the doctor says that the swine flu is just a scam made up by American and Zionist drug companies:
Professor Hany Younis, from the village of Ara, near the town of Umm al-Fahm in the [1948 territories, meaning Israel] has medicine for the treatment of swine influenza virus, indicating that the remedy lies in an extract of from bee products called Propolis , which is "a knockdown to all types of viruses."

Younis holds a doctorate in medicinal chemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), and a Ph.D. in medicinal herbs from the United States, director of the Hospital of Wisdom, and works in alternative medicine and Islamic medicine.

He accused the pharmaceutical companies of fabricating an unjustifiable fuss about the virus for profit, noting that Israeli and American firms have a major interest in such an uproar.

The virus has a treatment that exists in nature, and confirms the words of the Prophet (peace be upon him:) "What God does not send down a disease without revealing a cure."

He added: "There is also evidence that after the emergence of [swine flu] cases in Mexico, that companies in the United States announced immediately the existence of 50 million doses of vaccine. How they were able to identify the virus so quickly and prepare 50 million doses overnight? This indicates the existence of preparation prior to the hype. "
This is being published in the largest mainstream Arab publication, without any real skepticism, where possibly millions may decide that they don't need to be vaccinated because the entire concept of swine flu is made up by drug companies. And there are no article interviewing any medical experts rebutting Younis' accusations. Of course there are no scientific studies mentioned about the efficacy of propolis against arbitrary viruses.

Many people believe in conspiracy theories but the Arab world seems to rely on them. In this case, such a mindset may prove to be fatal.