Friday, September 11, 2009

3 Katyushas hit Israel from Lebanon

From Ha'aretz:
Three Katyusha rockets struck open fields near Nahariya on Friday. There have been no reports of casualties.

The rockets were fired from southern Lebanon and Israel Radio has reported that the Israel Defense Forces have launched retaliatory artillery into southern Lebanon.
Perhaps if Israel would just withdraw from occupied Lebanese territories, these sorts of incidents would stop. Hezbollah wouldn't have any incentive any more to attack Israelis.

Oh, sorry...Israel already withdrew some nine years ago.

Well, for sure, there must be some sort of valid reason for Hezbollah or their like-minded Islamist buddies to fire rockets at Israel, right? We just have to identify the just cause that Islamists are fighting for and then pressure Israel to give in, because it is an article of faith on this September 11th that people don't just attack civilians without good cause. They're hungry, they're stateless, they're disillusioned, they have poor self-esteem...if we just look hard enough I'm sure we can identify a good, defensible reason that we can blame Israel for.

Pure hatred cannot be the reason, because that is irrational, and everyone is fundamentally rational. To say otherwise makes you a bigot.