Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today's PalArab news

Ma'an reports of another smuggling tunnel death (this one an electrocution) .

Also, a missing man was found dead in Beit Hanoun and a 60-year old man was found hanged in the West Bank, but so far we do not know if either was the victim of foul play.

PalArabs killed a few wild pigs in the West Bank, certain that they were sent by Israeli settlers - to spread swine flu. (Ma'an is still reluctant to say that explicitly but the implication is clear.)

There were a couple of non-fatal stabbings in the West Bank, one a teenager who stabbed a food vendor. Ma'an adds the reason why Palestinian Arab youth like to act violently - they are clearly bored:
Ramadan Awad sent a message to Palestinian parents and child centers, insisting on the necessity of filling children’s leisure time during the summer holiday with programs aimed at improving their talents and teaching them voluntary skills.
In Palestinian Arab culture, apparently, too much leisure time is an invitation to acting on inherently violent tendencies, according to Ma'an.