Friday, June 19, 2009

PCHR "civilian" update

Our team has just identified the 300th terrorist that the PCHR identified as a "civilian" victim during the Operation Cast Lead.

We have also identified that 186 out of the 282 policemen killed were also members of terrorist groups, nearly two-third of them.

We have identified 17 children under 18 who were also members of terror groups.

If we add all the police, militants identified by PCHR and "PCHR civilian" militants identified by us together, and if my math is right, we have identified 632 people killed who the IDF considers legitimate military targets, out of the 1410 victims that PCHR identified (subtracting PCHR duplicates.)

Even if we assume that the PCHR is not playing games by counting those who died natural deaths as victims, considering that Israel was fighting against groups who purposefully hid in civilian clothing among innocents, this is hardly "indiscriminate."

Hamas continues to add names of its Al Qassam Brigades "martyrs" to its website, five months later, showing that they were trying to hide the terrorist status of its dead fighters in order to fool the world into believing the idea that Israel was recklessly killing civilians and that Hamas didn't suffer severe losses.