Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The latest Zionist assault on Arabs: "B'Seder"

Al-Arabiya (Arabic) has an article decrying the fact that many Israeli Arabs have started to integrate Hebrew into their language.

Some 1948 Palestinians [the PalArabic phrase for Israeli Arabs - EoZ] incorporate the Hebrew language, either through talking or ob normal posters visible in Arab towns, or through the messages in some institutions.

According to Dr. Mohamed Amara, lecturer, researcher and head of the governing body of the Center for Studies in the Palestinian territories, "The Israeli establishment is trying to detail the new Arab-Israeli, and it is within the specifications that he speaks the language of Arabic or Hebrew, three quarters of the so-called language Barip."
It is hard to understand this story, but it appears that Dr. Amara is suggesting that Israelis are deliberately trying to erase Arabic culture by imposing their foreign Hebrew tongue on Arabs. "Barip" seems to be the slang term for what we would call Hebrabic (or Arabrew.)

"Barip" means the confusion of Hebrew words with Arabic words in the same sentence. One may ask, for example: Kivk? [I believe that this is a shortnened for of "Kaif halak," meaning "How are you?" in Arabic - EoZ.] The other answers, "B'seder" that is, "OK" The word "B'seder" is used by many, even among many who are trying to avoid confusion between the Arabic and Hebrew.
The article goes on to detail many other examples of Israeli culture seeping into the lives of Israeli Arabs, and how horrible this situation is.