Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jimmy Carter, "honest broker"

Jimmy's comments of Netanyahu's speech in his "trip report"show exactly how honest a broker he is:
NETANYAHU'S SPEECH: I watched his speech and was appalled by his introduction of numerous obstacles to peace, some of them insurmountable. He rejected sharing of Jerusalem and a settlement freeze and defined any future Palestinian state as demilitarized, no control over airspace, still including many Israeli settlements, and probably without the Jordan valley – provided they remove Hamas and all other Arabs will accept Israel as a Jewish state (with 20 percent Arab citizens). I've been involved with these issues for 30 years, and none of them are acceptable, except perhaps through give-and-take negotiations.
Carter doesn't even pretend anymore to be even-handed. Hamas, which still confiscates materials from social services organizations, still intimidates the press, openly violates international humanitarian law and effectively runs a police state, is only praised by Carter and he looks at Israel as nothing but a set of obstacles.

Also, it is apparent that Carter believes that a Palestinian Arab state should have the ability to shoot passenger planes out of Israel's skies.

His being upset at Israel being considered a Jewish state shows just how far out of the mainstream he really is, not to mention how much he truly hates Israel. Apparently, according to Carter, Jews are not allowed to have any self-determination.