Tuesday, June 09, 2009

"Islam can conquer Europe peacefully!!"

I just read an absurd article in Iran's PressTV, named "The Palestinian story: Judaization of our lands," that does an interesting job distorting the history of Zionism (one classic quote: "Although they had agreed to put the rest of Palestine under an undefined international administration, Britain decided to conquer the area and in late 1917 their soldiers laid foot on the lands of our beloved al-Quds -- which they now call Jerusalem." As if the name Jerusalem didn't exist before 1917!)

But even more interesting than the article was one of the comments afterwards:

Islam can conquer Europe peacefully!!
Mon, 08 Jun 2009 16:17:39 GMT
JUST BE SMART!! It is easy. No Suicide Bomber. No Terrorism attacks. Just marry Healthy Westerners and convert them to Islam, have as MANY CHILDREN AS POSSIBLE from them! Zionist jews are already doing this in Palestine! Jewish Rabbis are already encouraging Jewish women to have 12 children each in order to form MAJORITY and populate all Palestine with jews. Europe and America will be Muslim in 30 years if you do this. Good luck to all Muslims!