Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hamas quotes Carter: "Obama wants to abandon Quartet conditions"

According to a report in Al Quds, Jimmy Carter has essentially turned into both Obama's liasion with Hamas as well as an advocate for the terrorist organization.

The article says that Yahya Moussa of Hamas stated that Carter is the one who suggested that Hamas support a Palestinian Arab state outside the 1949 armistice lines without recognizing Israel as a first step in trying to get a dialogue going with the Obama administration and to bypass the Quartet's conditions for Hamas participation.

Carter's plan to bypass the Quartet includes Hamas' acceptance of the Arab "peace" initiative and the concept of two states, without actually recognizing Israel and without abandoning terrorism. According to these sources, Carter told Hamas that if they accept these two terms then the Obama administration would be amenable to opening direct talks with Hamas.

Moussa said "Carter told us that the American President (Barack Obama) wants to go beyond the conditions of the Quartet, and has the desire to do so, but Hamas has to provide an acceptable scenario" for accomplishing this.