Friday, June 12, 2009

The evil Zionists keep choking off Gaza

...with a brand new fuel pipeline:
On, June 11, 2009, an Israeli construction team finished its work on a new pipeline for the transfer of fuel and natural gas from Israel to the Gaza Strip. The decision to build the pipeline was made in accordance with decisions made by the Israeli Government, following security assessments and as a result of the coordination between the Civil Administration and the Palestinian side. The construction was performed by both Israeli and Palestinian construction crews.
Reuters adds its spin:
Israel says that since its December-January offensive against Islamist militants in Gaza it has opened the border to larger amounts of food and medicine.

Gazans have also imported some supplies, including fuel, through smuggling tunnels that run under the border between the coastal territory and Egypt.

Indeed - to Gazans, explosives and weapons smuggled under Rafah are simply considered "supplies."

Reuters now doesn't even bother mentioning weapons smuggling into Gaza - the very reason there is a blockade to begin with!