Friday, June 19, 2009

Another day, another Egyptian lie

Hosni Mubarak writes a Wall Street Journal op-ed where he promises what Israel would get if it surrenders the entire West Bank, most of Jerusalem, every Jewish holy place, the entire Golan and capitulates on so-called "refugees" invading Israel:
While full normalization with Israel can only result from a comprehensive settlement including the Syrian, Lebanese as well as Palestinian track, the Arab side stands ready to reciprocate serious steps towards peace undertaken by Israel.
So let's look at how Well Egypt is performing in its promised "normalization" with Israel.

After over 30 years of "peace," it doesn't exist. While Egypt had committed to "full recognition, including diplomatic, economic and cultural relations; termination of economic boycotts and barriers to the free movement of goods and people; and mutual protection of citizens by the due process of law" in fact the level of normalization is beneath the barest minimum needed for Egypt to maintain its billions of dollars of aid that the US committed to ensure this paper "peace."

In 2006, 92% of Egyptians considered Israel to be Egypt's "worst enemy." Only this month, Egypt banned marriages between Egyptians and Arab women with Israeli citizenship. Egypt ignored the 30th anniversary of the peace agreement with Israel. Other incidents show Egypt's implacable hostility towards Israel and towards real normalization.

If this is the template for "full normalization," then it appears that Israel will gain very little from giving away everything.