Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yemen drafts law to criminalize peace with Israel

Imagine, if you will, the world reaction that would ensue if a group of Knesset members pushed to criminalize - forever - the idea of peace with some Arab nation.

Now think about the silence that greets this obscure news story:
Around 71 Yemeni members of Parliament (MPs) on Sunday signed a draft law criminalizing relations with Israel as a small gesture of solidarity to the Palestinians.

The draft was signed by 105 out of the 301MPs, said MP Mohammed Al-Hazmi. The MPs who signed were from different political currents.

"The draft law includes 10 articles that criminalize and prohibit any connection with the Zionist entity. The MPs voted to remit the law to the constitutional committee," Al-Hazmi added.

"This law will ensure that the Yemeni political leadership never normalizes relations with Israel nor forget the Palestinians' rights," Al-Hazmi commented.

“A copy of the draft law will be sent to the Arab and Islamic Parliaments Union to follow the Yemeni step in issuing and legitimizing such laws that prohibit any connection with the Zionist entity,” Al-Hazmi said.
They aren't saying "no peace with Israel until Israel withdraws from the territories." They are saying "no peace with Israel - ever."

Which shows that their pretense of saying they are doing this to show solidarity with Palestinian Arabs is a joke. After all, the PA does officially seek a peace agreement with Israel.