Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Turkish soccer player plants Palestinian flag on field

From Reuters:
A Turkish soccer player planted a Palestinian flag in the middle of the pitch at a match on Tuesday, in an apparent protest against Israel's offensive in Gaza, Turkish broadcasters reported.

Sivasspor midfielder Ibrahim Dagasan placed the flag on the centre spot at a stadium in the central Turkish city of Sivas after his side beat Galatasaray in the quarter final of the Turkey Cup.

After he did so, some spectators chanted: "Damn Israel". Dagasan then raised a finger to his mouth, gesturing for them to be silent. One of Dagasan's team mates is the Israeli forward Pini Balili.

A fan site described the scene like this:
After the match, while his whole team was celebrating and greeting the fans in the stadium with Israeli soccer player Balili holding the Turkish flag, he ran around with Palestinian flag!

This was absurd in soccer stadium! I am against any political stuff in the stadiums. This really damage the Sivasspor image, in my opinion....

While your team mate who is from Israel, runs around with Turkish and Sivasspor flag , Ibrahim Dagasan has no right to do this...

I hope, Turkish Football Federation and Sivasspor fine this absurd soccer player.