Friday, February 06, 2009

Temple Mount webcam freaks out Arabs

The Al Quds newspaper is alarmed by a proposed new webcam that will be aimed at the Temple Mount:
Militant Jewish groups planned to set up a camera to control the Temple Mount

The weekly "Kol Ha'ir" newspaper on Friday reports that Israel set up be a surveillance camera near the Al-Haram Al-Sharif to be controlled 24 hours a day by a Jewish extremist group.

Standing behind this initiative is the "Temple Institute" in the Jewish quarter, who is seeking to establish the theme of "Holy Temple" in the minds of the Jews and sought to push the Jews to deal with this issue daily.

The site will allow users to request tours of the campus. It should be noted that the camera and web site are the focal point of the Institute and meant to strengthen the link between young Jews and Jerusalem, with an emphasis on what is important about the structure.
It appears that the camera might be able to see more of the Mount itself than any existing Kotel webcams.