Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Secret meeting" in Gaza to consolidate terrorist groups

From IslamOnline.net (Arabic only; they try to look moderate in English):
Abu Mujahid, spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees, spoke about an initiative of the leaders of the military wings of the Palestinian resistance factions in the Gaza Strip towards the formation of a united resistance front wing on the ground as one of the lessons learned from the recent Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian sources reported that a secret meeting of the leaders of the military wings of the resistance factions was held on Monday night at an undisclosed location in Gaza.

The spokesperson of the PRC, in an exclusive statement to IslamOnline.net, said that "the idea of forming a united front occurred during the calm, and was the idea of Dr. Mahmoud Zahar - senior leader of Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) - where he discussed it with Dr. Mohammed al-Hindi - an official of Islamic Jihad in Gaza - and Abu Awad Neirab - Secretary-General of the Popular Resistance Committees. "

Even though that initiative was never completed during the six month calm that ended last December, Abu Mujahid said the "coordination in the field during the aggression on Gaza has been excellent, which showed that the resistance in an honorable way to the world strengthens the trend towards the formation of a united front of a greater and more painful resistance in the face of the Zionist enemy."

He added, "We have conducted our investigations since the first day of the Zionist declaration of the cease-fire (18-1-2009), and we have begun research and refinement in the methods of the occupation, and assessment of failures in some things, and we have statements of combatants in the field that shows us the strengths and weaknesses of resistance, and we have put in place mechanisms to overcome these failures and training programs to overcome the weaknesses, and we will not go into details. "

"What happened are the ideas .. We have come a long way in this, but the consolidation of the arms of the resistance in a unified structure could be the future .. and while there is considerable collaboration between the basic wing military, there is a need for unity, both at the field level or the political situation. "
There is nothing tremendously new here, but it proves again that those who try to absolve Hamas for rockets fired by other terror groups have no idea what they are talking about - all the Gaza terror groups, with the possible exception of the Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigades, are in full cooperation.