Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pro-Hamas rally fizzles in California university

Occasionally, there is some good news from the mecca of moonbats, this time at California State University at Northridge:
Palestinian students were set to hold a protest against the Israeli government yesterday until around 40 students for Israel gathered in a counter protest. The Palestinian students decided to not to hold the protest after discovering they were outnumbered, but the Israeli rally continued with chants of "no mas Hamas" and "we want peace, we don't want war."

Political science major Julia Pitt, sophomore, said in an e-mail sent to the Daily Sundial that the Palestinian protest was rescheduled to a later date because there was concern of whether or not they had enough people to make an impact.

From reading the article, the only person who spoke for the pro-Hamas side was Pitt, who doesn't sound like a Palestinian Arab to me.