Saturday, February 07, 2009

PalArab news roundup 2-7-09

My bad: Hamas claims that they cleared up all their misunderstandings about stealing 300 tons of aid from UNRWA. UNRWA replies, um, first return what you have stolen before you announce that things are copacetic.

Extremism is fine, in moderation: Mahmoud Abbas says that the PA doesn't ask Hamas to recognize Israel, but he does want it to be part of a unity PA government. Which means that the PA won't really recognize Israel any more, but no one is really mentioning that part. "He also asserted, in line with his statements since mid-Gaza war, that the Palestinian people have the right to resist occupation as long as they live under it." - the exact opposite of the Oslo agreement.

Remember, he's the "moderate."

The brave little wimp: Mahmoud Zahar emerged from hiding and plans to lead a Hamas delegation to Cairo. Haniyeh is still underground.

Freedom of the press, Hamas-style: Hamas is expelling Al Arabiya reporter Wael Essam because they didn't like his coverage of Gaza.

Cash is king: There are reports that the millions of dollars that Egypt found in Hamas' members' bags last week are a small percentage of the money that Iran gave Hamas' Damascus leaders recently.