Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PalArab media roundup 2-11-09

A deranged man in the West Bank savagely beat his three daughters and wife. His 15-year old and 3-year old daughters were killed, a third is critically injured.

Last month, a 13-year old Syrian boy, worried about his parents finding out his grades were low, killed them and three other members of his family.

The “Imad Mughniyya Brigades" have taken credit for a shooting attack on an Israeli car in the West Bank near Beit El last night. No one was hurt.

The Arab world (as well as the far-left) have decided that the word "fascist" is the best term to describe Avigdor Lieberman. One wonders why "moderate" Arabs who espouse a Judenrein Palestine are never given the same appellation.

Meanwhile, Hamas describes the three major winners in the elections as "terrorists" and accuses Lieberman specifically of planning to dynamite an Egyptian dam in order to drown the Palestinian Arabs. The dam in Egypt is very far from Gaza, but perhaps Hamas members didn't learn geography in the UNRWA schools they attended.

Ma'an publishes a nonsensical op-ed saying that Palestinian Arabs hate democracy because of how the Israeli elections went.

Firas Press' regular publishing of pictures of cute Palestinian Arab kids continues with this smiling future jihadi.

The millions of dollars that Hamas was caught trying to smuggle into Gaza has been deposited in an Egyptian bank in Hamas' name, but it cannot be withdrawn without Egyptian approval.

Jordanian "human rights" organizations started an initiative to bring Israel before a world court for prosecution for war crimes.

The 2009 PalArab self-death count is at 25.