Monday, February 23, 2009

New LG netbook feature: Built-in Quran!

From Middle East business site AMEInfo, a press release from LG Electronics:
LG Electronics, global leader and technology innovator, provides the LG Netbook X110 equipped with Holy Quran software and with the benefits of better, faster access to information and communications technology.

The software provides e- Holy Quran in 10 different languages. Recitation of the holy Quran is by Sheikh Abdul Rehman Sudas & Sheikh Saoud Al Shuraim. This software unites the requirements of every Muslims with high technology.

LG strives to improve the religious education, academic education, connectivity and access to technology.
It will be recalled that last year LG introduced a TV with the Quran built in as well.

And Nokia provides copies of the Quran for its mobile phones as well, although they are not built-in.

Once again we are seeing a multinational company specifically endorsing a single religion.