Friday, February 13, 2009

Morning briefs

York University saw a crowd of pro-Palestinian Arab students siege the Hillel, which caused the police to get rid of - the Jewish students barricaded in the Hillel. One Jewish student was explicitly threatened.

Palestine Today headlines York University incidents this way: "The curse of the blood of the martyrs of Gaza haunt the Jewish and Israeli students in Canada."

Meanwhile, at UCLA, even the biggest Jewish critics of Israel are noticing that their anti-Zionist allies are stepping over the line, and that the university has abandoned all pretense of objectivity.

The "Seven Jewish Children" play gets more press. The assistant director's justifications prove incredible ignorance:
Natalie Ibu, the play’s assistant director, sent an email to the Board of Deputies while the play was in rehearsal.

She wrote: “The play examines the history of the state of Israel and depicts strong pro-Israeli views. We think it is important we understand this point of view in order to represent it correctly and authentically.

Of course, it doesn't depict pro-Israeli views; it depicts an Israel-basher fantasy of Jewish glee at killing innocents.

A review of the play concludes "For the first time in my career as a critic, I am moved to say about a work at a major production house that this is an antisemitic play."

On the other hand, most superheroes (and even some super villains) have some Jewish - and Zionist - blood:
Then of course there is Magneto, a Holocaust survivor. Perhaps no villain in all of Comicdom has more tangled motives than he. One fanboy during the Q&A following the discussion made an excellent point that Magneto may in fact be the ultimate Zionist. His dream of Avalon, a haven for mutants to live their lives free of persecution is eerily similar to the story of Israel. Only Theodor Herzl didn't have the power to manipulate metal. Though we might've seen a Jewish homeland a lot earlier if he did.