Monday, February 02, 2009

More Hamas war crimes

Ma'an lists the names of 181 people who were either killed, shot in the legs or had their legs broken by Hamas in Gaza in the past month. Since the list was generated by Fatah, it might not be including everyone, and while they only list 11 people killed, I have seen Palestinian Arab sources that list the names of 16. Also, yesterday a group of PalArab human rights organizations counted 27 killed by Hamas, without listing the names.

Meanwhile, the Shin Bet is getting specific confirmations of Hamas war crimes in Gaza from prisoners captured by Israel:
Nuaf Atar spoke about the use of Gazan schools to shoot rockets at Israel. Zabhi Atar revealed that Hamas used food coupons to entice Palestinians to join its ranks and Hamad Zalah said Hamas took control of UNRWA food supplies transferred to Gaza and refused to distribute them to people affiliated with Fatah.

Just last night, Hamas reportedly took over a house belonging to a relative of YasirArafat in Gaza.