Monday, February 02, 2009

Latest Zionist Crime!

Yesterday, the floor of a UNRWA girls' school in Jerusalem collapsed, injuring some students:
Several students were lightly injured and three suffered shock when a classroom floor crumbled beneath their feet in an UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) girls' school in Jerusalem's Old City.

The pupils were on the first floor when it suddenly collapsed, causing them to fall into a hole 2 meters (6.5 feet) deep.

A commotion broke out in the area, with all of the school's workers and the students' family members standing outside the building and looking for someone to blame.

Guess who they found?
Neighbors nearby the school said the floor collapsed as a result of excavations that Israeli antiquities authorities have been carrying out under the Old City, particularly near the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is located just 100 meters from the damaged school.
And now that idea is spreading:
he accidental collapse of an UNRWA school in Jerusalem on Sunday proves the extent of the un-researched, unprepared, and careless nature of the extensive digging and excavations Israel is conducting beneath Jerusalem, said the Palestinian democratic Union (FIDA) on Monday.
Even though Jerusalem's mayor observed:
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat arrived at the school immediately after hearing about the incident.

"This was caused by sloppy construction," he told Ynet. "It's clear that whoever built this place did not do it properly. This is a classic engineering problem.

"Under the floor was a space built on logs which rotted and could not stand the load. The floor was weak, and this caused its collapse. The whole building must be rebuilt so that such an incident does not repeat itself, God forbid."

Interestingly, no one is faulting the builders of the school nor UNRWA which, one would presume, would be maintaining it. My query to UNRWA received a predictable response:

What do you believe caused the floor to collapse in the UNRWA girls' school in Jerusalem? Did UNRWA build or own the school? When was it built?
not sure why it collapsed. I am still waiting for news on the incident. c
This isn't Gaza and the Chris Gunness can stroll over to the school from his office to check it out himself, but the UNRWA will certainly not take any responsibility for the shoddy building. As usual it will take a low profile, refuse to answer questions and hope it all blows over.

And if the Arabs it serves wants to blame Israel, the UNRWA will certainly not disabuse them of that notion.