Sunday, February 15, 2009

Iranian companies call rivals "Zionist"

From The National (UAE):
Allegations in Iran against Nestlé, the international food company, of having affiliations with Israel may have been spread by rivals of the company, a conservative Iranian news portal has reported.

The report titled “Iran’s Nestlé in Rivals’ Trap” appeared on Tabnak, which is affiliated with an influential conservative politician, Mohsen Rezaiee, secretary of the Expediency Council and a former chief commander of the Revolutionary Guards.

The report by Tabnak said the allegations against Nestlé were made and spread by rival companies and importers of infant food.

The report also found a Nestlé factory in Qazvin, 200km west of Tehran, had to halt its operations after demonstrators demanded its closing following the military offensive in Gaza, but begun operating again after intervention from the state inspection organisation.

The General Inspection Organisation has cleared the company of charges of Zionism for the time being. In Iran, any person or organization charged with Zionist affiliations or sympathies is considered a possible threat to national security.

And demonstrations against western companies with alleged affiliations to Israel, such as Nestlé, Benetton and Coca-Cola, are frequent in Iran whenever anti-Israeli feelings run high. A Benetton shop in an affluent northern Tehran neighbourhood was set on fire by radicals in the early days of the offensive in Gaza. Other Benetton outlets had to close for a few days until the situation cooled down; they are now all operating normally.
A while back I coined the term "misoziony" to describe the utterly irrational hatred of all things Zionist, and Iran is Exhibit A.

A few well-placed rumors can affect the Iranian economy, thanks to the gullibility of its people and the unreal hatred they have towards "Zionism."

So in order to stop Iran's march to create nuclear weapons, I think it is time to publicize all of the Zionists (really, Jews, but close enough) who worked on The Manhattan Project, and whose innovations must be strictly haram for the misozionistic mullahs:

Robert Oppenheimer
Richard P. Feynman
Wolfgang Pauli
Leo Szilard
Albert Einstein
John von Neumann
Isidor I. Rabi
Edward Teller
Eugene Wigner
Otto Frisch
Samuel Goudsmit
Jerome Karle
Stanisław Ulam
Robert Serber
Louis Slotin
Walter Zinn
Robert Marshak
Felix Bloch
Emilio G. Segrè
James Franck
Joseph Joffe
Eugene Rabinowitch
Hy Goldsmith
Samuel Cohen
Victor F. Weisskopf
David Bohm
Hans Bethe
Niels Bohr

It appears to me that the atom bomb is really a Zionist invention, and Iran would be hypocritical to want to use that technology, rather than developing its own Islamically pure alternative.