Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hamas ghosts, and other Arab bedtime stories

The Jawa Report mentions bizarre Arab rumors about mysterious "white forces" who harassed the IDF in Gaza. Their article was only a tease, so I had to find the original.

I had earlier mentioned this rumor of Angels from Allah protecting Hamas terrorists in a news roundup on January 26, and variants of the story seem to be multiplying.

It was first mentioned in English at a really way-out Arab blog called Prisoner of Joy. The post, which is unintentionally hilarious, talks about these Hamas members wearing white uniforms that were only visible to Israeli soldiers:
The Israel forces broke into the house, the entire family members were huddled and forced to sit in one space, one of the sons was interrogated and asked about the identities of the Al-Qassam fighters.

The boy answered that the fighters of Al-Qassam wear black uniforms. However, the soldiers were angry instead and beat him senseless, and that happened continuously for three days. Every time he was asked, the boy replied that the fighters of Al-Qassam wear black uniforms.

In the end the soldiers were enraged and said angrily, “Hey liar! They wear white uniforms!
These angels of Allah had a great sense of humor, playing practical jokes on the hapless IDF soldiers:
There was an ambulance driver who was stopped by the Israeli forces. He was asked of which camp he belonged to, the camp of Hamas or Fatah? And the unfortunate driver answered, “I am not from any camp, I am just an ambulance driver,” he said.

However, the Israeli forces still asked, “The group in white uniforms behind you just now, which camp did they join?” The driver was puzzled as he was sure that he did not see anyone else behind him. “I don’t know” was the only answer he could give.
Which is pretty much what one would expect an all-powerful enemy to do - why kill the soldiers when you can play hide and seek with them?

(If only Jews could see these supernatural beings, does it mean that Muslims agree that Jews are on a higher spiritual plane?)

But, who can blame the supposedly incompetent IDF for being scared? After all, as our blogger helpfully points out....
"The cost of the Israeli military aggression in Gaza at least reaches 10.5 trillion dollars," an Israel reporter said.
That's right - Ten TRILLION Dollars! Right out of the IDF soldier paychecks, coming to some half a billion per soldier! And that was stated by an Israeli reporter, so it must be true!

The same blogger has PROOF that Israel injected Arab prisoners with dangerous viruses!

And the George Bush family is not Christian, but Jewish, who study the dastardly Talmud!

Thank Allah for the Internut, or I wouldn't have learned so many fascinating facts!