Monday, February 02, 2009

Hamas fashionistas' shopping spree in Cairo

Palestine Press Agency reports that Hamas negotiators in Cairo went on a $25,000 shopping spree in a high-end mall:
Witnesses in Egypt saw the Hamas delegation, who left Gaza for talks with the Egyptian leadership to stabilize the calm, shuttled between the largest and most luxurious and the best clothing shops in the Cairo.

The witnesses said they saw Ayman Taha, Salah Bardawil and Jamal Abu Hashim, Hamas leaders from the Gaza Strip, on Saturday on 1-24 in the largest and most famous mall in Cairo.

They said that Taha, Hamas and Abu Hashim loaded bags carried by four assistants went from store to store that sold famous brands and where the price of men's suit in the stores is over $500.

They purchased shoes, shirts and ties, perfumes and luxury items, where the total tally was more than 25 thousand U.S. dollars.
Perhaps they were contestants on Queer Eye for the Terrorist Guy.