Friday, February 06, 2009

Hamas Chutzpah

Al Quds reports on a couple of funny Hamas stories.

In the first, Hamas admits that it took 300 tons of aid from UNRWA - but says it was all a big mistake.
In a comment on the incident, a Hamas spokesman said the "UNRWA" aid was loaded by mistake into trucks belonging to the Ministry of Social Affairs and it will be returned to the UNRWA.

The Hamas spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum ,said, "The goods were loaded incorrectly in the absence of a representative of the Government of the crossing in Gaza, where the drivers did not distinguish between goods [for UNRWA] and goods for the governmental agency."

In the second story, where Egypt detained Hamas leaders at the Rafah crossing yesterday where they found them trying to smuggle some $10 million into Gaza, Hamas is complaining that the Egyptians didn't treat them well:

The leader of the Movement "Hamas" and a member of the negotiating delegation, Salah Bardawil on Friday strongly the treatment of the Egyptian authorities to the delegation of the movement by returning to the Gaza Strip yesterday evening. Bardaweel said in remarks published in an website of "Hamas": "We were badly treated by the Egyptian security during our return to the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing .. Egyptian officials closed the phone in our faces."

Bardawil said: "Unfortunately every time we enter the official delegation and the easy way, but this time there was the intransigence and insistence on inspection of our bags," he said, "that the delegation had contacts with Egyptian officials, especially intelligence, but they locked the phone."

How dare they inspect us and find us doing something we aren't allowed to do!