Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guess what UNRWA blames Israel for now?

UNRWA is upset at blaming Israel for its teachers not telling their young charges that firing rockets at civilians is wrong:
[UNRWA chief John Ging] voiced particular exasperation at the ban on importing paper which UNRWA needs for printing school text books and a new curriculum on human rights, calling it shameful, appealing for common sense to prevail, and stressing that the new rights programme would instil in the young how wrong it is to fire rockets.
In the previous paragraph, Ging is quoted as saying
“We have 900,000 people queuing up for food at UNRWA, and we’re only getting through them at 30,000 a day because that’s all the food we can get in,” he added. “The plight of the people is extremely bad, as we should all know by now. We’re struggling to get in the quantities that are needed, and failing I might add.”
I cannot say for certain why Israel might think that food is a higher priority than paper, even if you don't believe the claims that somehow Gazans are only getting 3% of their food needs.

However, how absurd is it to hear, after sixty years of being the major educator of Palestinian Arab children, that UNRWA now has decided to teach that cold blooded targeting of civilians is somewhat less than ideal?

And that it is Israel that is somehow stopping this lesson from being taught?