Monday, February 23, 2009

DiCaprio becoming a Jew? Arabs freak!

Al Arabiya reported that Leonardo DiCaprio may consider converting to Judaism to please girlfriend Bar Refaeli's father before marrying her.

And the Arab commenters are freaking out.

In English:
Leonardo you better get a lawyer and a prenup these MAGGOTS are after your money.

By doing so, he will get more success in a jew dominated hollywood, but does he know that judaisam is a religion not a political party, what an idiot !
But the Arabic page is where things get to be fun:
Jews used this method for a long time to attract men from other religions to Judaism and the Jews also sell to the sex trade in the occupied territory to the adolescent youth

This new evidence of Jewish racism

Would of course religion, it is weak and climber, who would want their future security in the world of cinema, representation and Hollywood, an industry dominated by Jews, fully 100%.

How are these topics to the benefit of the Arabs and Muslims? News is trivial and meaningless news channel, landing such topics

This is part of Protocoles of Elders of Zion To controle media and celebrities

He was an atheist and I think this is the Jewish conversion is an improvement in his career I hope to one day he will enter Islam

I know you're a wonderful actor and a world star is one of the star in the film in this era, but you manipulate religion, what is the use if converted to the Jewish conviction you really a hypocrite ...... But to be honest, at least your wife shows your taste in women.

Either half to give Israel bombs to buy or phosphorus release and the rear half of the wealth of the divorce

Sure after the change of religion in Palestine and Bistotun shall have the right to confiscate land for the Palestinians

Going through the responses to the frequent readers of the many Arab and world news events, has reached a conviction that the Arab peoples (Arabs) and the people stupid deserve. They do not know do not know that they do not know and think they know, and that is the seventh heaven of dementia and his country in mind. (Morocco)

It is known that the Jews falsely claim they are God's chosen people, they do not claim to profess their religion does not accept that he is not entitled to any of the Jewish people to be as Maktkdathm

Until the Jews would not Iradw by the Dean family Valehudyp closed on children Jacob (Israel) and believe they are God's children and the rest are animals, human beings like human beings created by God to serve them no rights, as was stated in the Torah that is the constitution of Israel, and Abu the first girl who knows and believes as long as intolerant. How can you be Jewish?

Although there are some commenters who don't see a big problem with it.

(h/t HuffPo)